The ultimative Zombie Survival MMORPG videogame
It's not just about survival ...
Play a breathtaking story, find new friends, join a guild and help us to save the world!!

Informations about the game

Apocalypse Dawn is a MMORPG with Survival components.
Players will find themselves immersed in a post-apocalyptic world and must work together to find a cure to the infection by increasing their skill levels and characters.

  • Story Line - The game has a very detailed and fun multiplayer story line, that can entertain you and your friends for months.
  • Huge Map - The map is developed and designed for hosting up to 5,000 simultaneous players on each server.
  • Bases & Guilds - There are different types of bases all over the map. You can conquer them and set up your clan there.
  • Characters - Each player can create his character, choose from 5 different classes and improve it until he becomes unbeatable!

About the Project

Have you ever found yourself in a Survival Game, don't knowing what to do or getting bored after a few minutes?
This is the way, Apocalypse Dawn was born. We want to deliver the most complete and exciting gaming experience as possible.
We are tired of the usual games where the only goal is to stay alive.
We want to offer you something more - a unique challenge: To find and understand the reason of infection. Without dying, and with your friends.

A game created by the community for the community
We are always open to new ideas and suggestions directly from players
We want to develop a video game that will please everyone (at least almost).
Visit us on Discord to speak directly with us and other members of the community!


The project will be financed through a crowdfunding campaign that will take place from 15 January 2017. Stay up to date to be among the first ones and get a discount on the price of the game

Recruit a friend

Recruit a friend to the game and you will receive a 5 € credit directly into your gaming account. To find out how to access the service please contact us at Facebook or Discord


Download the full documentation from this link. You'll get a better idea of all the features we thought about.

No PayToWin

AD will have a "InGame Shop", which will only allows you to buy cosmetic items for your character.

Innovative technologies

We are using the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies on the market to develop.
The game is based on Unreal Engine 4

Stay up to date

The crowdfunding campaign will start soon! Enter your e-mail adress to get 50% discount on the final price of the game